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Online Dating

It's a movement that's changed the way we date! Forget nerves, wave goodbye to bad dates and welcome The Staffordshire Dating Site into your life! Online dating is a brilliant online tool that connects you to singles! Enjoy getting to know lots of people from the comfort of your own home!

The Staffordshire Dating Site

The site brings together singles across the idyllic locations of the Staffordshire county. We believe love is always closer than we think, it's more of a case of opening our minds and our hearts! You can expect to find singles from Stoke-on-trent and Stafford as well as Cannock and not forgetting the Lichfield singles!

Dating in Staffordshire

No two date should ever be the same when you're dating in Staffordshire! Spice up your dates and discover new places! From Burton upon Trent to the picturesque town of Stafford, there's something for everyone!

Who uses it?

We welcome all Staffordshire singles to become a member. All ages, all backgrounds and all beliefs! Whatever your story, you'll easily be able to find people you can connect with!

Our site is popular with professionals who find it hard to reach out of their social circles and struggle to make time for a line of dates! You can login to the site whenever you have some free time, spend as much time as you please chatting to singles and arranging dates! You can breathe a sigh of relief because you'll never have a bad date again! Spend your precious time wisely and enjoy quality dates with people you know you'll get along with! Speak with them prior to your date so you can establish how well you get on!

Singles who are new to dating also use our site frequently! It's a great way to build up your confidence and it's a slow nudge in the right direction if you're worried about approaching strangers.

Becoming a Member

We make it as simple as possible to become a member. Within a few minutes you could be browsing our huge range of singles. Upload a profile photo- it's best if you use a photo with you sporting a smile and try making it as recent as possible!

Next, you can answer our series of questions which regard topics like lifestyle, occupation, hobbies and preferences! With your answers, we'll create a compatibility score which we'll use to connect you to singles we think you'll get along with the best! This way means you can spend less time clicking away from unlikely matches and more time can be spent bonding with someone special.

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